Why Apple is Evil.

July 21, 2010

Apple is “evil”. Why? They believe they know what is best for you and me. And I think that is evil.

Fred Wilson on gigaom.com

Well said. Apple’s growing image problem does not have its root in Antennagate but their tendency to limit the way people can interact with their products. Recent example of this behavior include exclusion of would-be-popular iPhone apps such as Flash and Google Voice.

3 Responses to “Why Apple is Evil.”

  1. But this is also the reason for their success. Most people don’t want all these choices, but just a system that works. And the iPhone (normally) does.

    • Yes and no. I think Apple’s superior design capability is a driving factor for their success. However, you have a hard time explaining why prohibiting some apps like Google Voice provides a better experience for iPhone users. At the end, the ones that don’t want choice won’t notice a few more apps in the heavily populated iPhone app store.

  2. Google Voice was likely for pure business protection, but in general, a closed controlled system creates a simpler environment for a user.

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