Today’s Entrepreneurship Summit at Northwestern University organized by the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation featured several outstanding business plan/model presentation and panel discussions. Dry Goods won first place with a professional and well performed pitch and appears well positioned for its planned August launch. The runners-up did not fall short of insightful business models and thoughtful product concepts.

Looking back the last decade, Northwestern has come a long way in developing its entrepreneurial activities across campus under guidance of Prof. Mike Marasco. The Farley Center did an excellent job instilling an entrepreneurial mindset at Northwestern and developing a core framework of entrepreneurial classes for students. Together with the Technology Innovation Center incubator in downtown Evanston, there is a solid support layer for entrepreneurs in and around campus.

Steve Jobs and Apple are known for astonishing product launches. Pictures and an emotionally charged experience effectively communicate the message to the audience.

Behind the scenes, significant efforts and a drive for excellence produce these impressive presentations. The slides below shed some light on how Steve Jobs creates these presentations with the help of his team.

Lessons Learned

  • brainstorm, plan and practice over and over again
  • create an experience for the audience
  • a picture speaks a thousand words
  • keep it short and simple
  • bullet points are bad, hah
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